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Grab one of our popular web scripts. They are simple to configure and a breeze to customize with our easy templating method. More information about templating here.

  • My Photo Gallery - Share your photos, movies and other files with friends, family, and coworkers! Albums and subalbums automatically populated with thumbnails, add descriptions and make comments on photos and albums.
  • My Calendar - Keep up with your schedule! Make printable calendars and get email reminders of upcoming events.
  • My Blog - Let your visitors keep up with you by posting daily news to your new blog! Visitors can comment using BBCode and subscribe to your blog. My Blog will also track your referrers.
  • My Voting Script - Add interaction to your website! Poll your visitors for useful or interesting information, or just have fun with it!
  • My Guestbook - Let your visitors leave you notes!
  • My Classifieds - Buy and sell!
  • My Address Book - Keep up with all your friends and family using our easy-to-use online address book.
  • many more!
Linux Applications
  • GTranscode - a GUI for the famous video encoding utility.
  • Linux Heart Monitor - a collection of tools for building an EKG, capturing a heartbeat, and displaying it on-screen.
  • Linux Podcast Downloader - a simple tool to automatically download and sync podcasts to non-iPod mp3 players.
  • AVR Microcontroller - sample code for an AVR-based microcontroller
  • DTVStream Applet - Gnome desktop applet to display video being recorded by dtvstream.
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